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Horse Farm and Riding School.

The tradition of horse breeding in this region has been going on for hundreds of years. As an ideal location for horse breeding Zobnatica has been known for nearly 500 years. The horse farm was founded in 1779 by Bela Vojnic, wanting to create an equestrian oasis in the Balkans. During the almost 250-year tradition of the horse farm many horses have emerged, leaving us the spirit of victory. Names which will be remembered forever are Casanova, Jadran II, General Žitko, Prospektor and many other champions who had the famous seal ‘Z’ on them and raced the various tracks and always came back with laurels around their necks. Cups speak about their work and the people who loved them and who created champions.

People took advantage of the unique nature of the Backa plain where they created a paradise for lovers of equestrian sports. Today Zobnatica is also a homogeneous economic area with developed agricultural production and very prominent tourism. Still the nicest part of Zobnatica is the farm of thoroughbred horses and the beautiful lake. .

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