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About Zobnatica.

Tourist center Zobnatica is a true oasis of beautiful scenery for those who love nature and enjoy the natural ambient. Staying in our tourist center allows you to relax and enjoy recreation in the calming ambient of the regional park protected nature Zobnatica.

Zobnatica is located 5 km north of Backa Topola. This is a tourist complex with a long tradition and variety of attractions. Every day provides a wealth of content ideal for lovers of untouched nature, hunting, fishing and of course, horses.

Zobnatica is the center of horse breeding and equestrian sports. It is famous stud farm with tradition of breeding thoroughbred horses of over two hundred years. We offer tourist riding, riding school as well as carriage rides. The horse farm is equipped with a racetrack and a covered round riding arean. Guests can visit the unique Museum of Horse Breeding built in the shape of a horseshoe, a gallery of paintings and the former castle of the family Törley which has been converted into a hotel.

This is a place for those who love nature, peace, quiet, and mostly horses. Having a great time is guaranteed for those who appreciate preserved nature, wildlife and good service. Those returning from Zobnatica will bring joy with them and remember the pleasant stay in the nature, carriage rides, horseback riding, fishing and swimming in lake Zobnatica. .

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Subotički Put bb, 24 300 Bačka Topola,
Tel/Fax +381 24 715 842,

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